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HiFi is Open to the Public

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After over a year of designing, coding, planning, and beta testing, we’re very excited to announce the launch of HiFi CMS. You can now Try HiFi free for 30 days.

As a web design firm who launches more than 100 sites per year, we recognized the need for a truly modern CMS in the market that places equal emphasis on usability, flexibility, and scalability.  For the past year, our team has worked diligently to build a powerful system that could be leveraged by developers, designers, and marketers around the world.

HiFi has already been used by our team and beta users to launch over 50 production websites like PBS' We're confident HiFi is ready for you and your clients' websites.

Why will you love HiFi?

  1. You control 100% of your markup. Moving to HTML5? No problem. There aren't code 'injection points' or crazy PHP methods like 'wp_dropdown_categories'. Just your clean, beautiful markup.
  2. Easy Templating.HiFi's templating system couldn't be easier.  The template extension system lets you define templates with a minimal amount of code, letting you build better websites quicker.
  3. Powerful API.  At the core of HiFi is its flexible and impressive API that gives you template-level access, allowing you to get all of your site's data with a simple call. 
  4. Your clients will just "get it". The simple but powerful user-interface will allow your clients to take ownership of their websites with less training and support from you.
  5. Start working on your next project immediately. No server administration necessary. Leave server maintenance, backups and restorations, and software upgrades to us.
  6. We care about great websites. HiFi isn't a better cookie cutter. It's a better workbench. The tools to support your professional work are within arm's reach. We care about the details like automatic CSS and JS compilation and minification, template defined image resizing on the fly, a flexible API, and more.

We truly believe that HiFi will help web professionals around the world build better websites for their clients.  Give us a try and tell us what you think.

Accepting Applications for Private Beta

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The long awaited day is here.  After a year of building, testing, and refining, HiFi is entering a private beta.  While we have put more than twenty of our own client sites on the system, we have not previously opened it up to outside developers.  We learned a lot from our own clients and how they used the system -- after making tweaks based on their feedback and resolving bugs they ran into, we're ready to open the system up to the rest of the world.

While we had originally hoped to enter this phase earlier in the year, we didn't want to rush the product and release something that wasn't fully ready to be used.  To us, a complete and polished system is the minimum viable product that you would expect from a CMS.

Fill out an application here to join the beta.  We're screening applications to make sure we get a wide breadth of users and projects, and to make sure HiFi is the best fit for what you're working on.  We'll begin rolling out beta accounts to selected users at the end of the week!

Beta accounts will be free to selected applicants.  Beta users will have access to the standard HiFi  setup, including unlimited access to the CMS, full use of the API and templates, and hosting of the site on HiFi's dedicated server (includes daily offsite backup, RAID, 24x7 uptime monitoring by pingdom, and more).

We really think that HiFi is a phenomenal product, representing a new type of CMS for developers.  Here is just a short list of some of the features ready for you to take advantage of:

We'll be posting more on each of these features in the coming weeks.  We've been having great success using them for our own clients, but are excited to hear feedback from the beta group.

We want to thank everyone for their patience while we've been building a system that we know will be a welcome addition to the web publishing space.  Your support and dialogue has been extremely helpful in pushing this project to beta.
Now, go sign up, get a free account, and enjoy!


We Are Featured on Design Shack Gallery

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This site was just featured on Design Shack, a gallery of the best designs around the web.  Currently, we're holding down a solid 8.5 rating based on user votes -- we encourage you all to go check out the listing and rate our design.

This listing is yet another testament to the flexibility of HiFi CMS.  It demonstrates that a design can be detailed and perfected enough to be listed in respected galleries, and still be managed by a powerful CMS.  So many systems restrict what you can do with the templating that you could never launch something worthy of being featured on a popular showcase.  We took the opposite approach, allowing free templating and pushing web standards, which makes it easy designers to publish work that can be highlighted on design, HTML, and CSS galleries around the web.

If you're visiting from Design Shack -- welcome!  Take a tour around the site, learn about the system, and be sure to sign up for updates and announcments.

Thanks again for all of your support!  Also, a big shout out to Lenny Terenzi who put together the HiFi design!