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5-minute Challenges for Quickly Trying HiFi's Developer Features

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Do you have 5 minutes to try a CMS that will open up new creative opportunities for your firm's work?

We put together these 5-minute Challenges for you to quickly get a sense of HiFi's power. Each challenge covers an interesting feature that would take significant effort, an assortment of 3rd party plugins, or simply wouldn't be possible at all, using any of our competitors' software. These challenge are just a hint at how HiFi will help you deliver higher quality work to your clients, faster.

Challenge #1: Can you dramatically speed up your clients' web sites? (Easy)

Challenge #2: Can you bend a CMS template to your custom design's will? (Moderate)

Challenge #3: Can you access your site's content using JavaScript? (Advanced)

Sign up for a free trial account and take HiFi for a spin.

Custom Types in HiFi with JSON and jQuery

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This page is currently under construction due to the relaunch of this site.

One of the cool features we're working on for HiFi are custom types. HiFi has a unique JSON based data store that makes adding custom types really easy. We wanted to put up an example of how this would work, so we built a custom "slide" type. As we've mentioned before, this site is running on a pre-alpha of HiFi. So the slideshow below is being driven by HiFi.

In effect, this is a "meta-slideshow". Flip through it to see how easy it is to add custom types to HiFi and to see some of the functionality you can get right out of the box.

If this seems a little technical, don't worry. This is an example of some of the extended features that HiFi will make available to developers. It should be a good example of both the power and user-friendliness that HiFi will provide.

Note that comments can be left on any of the slides individually. This is explained in the slideshow.