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New Site Launched for!

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We’re happy to present the recently redesigned  For the past several months, as we’ve been focusing on developing HiFi, we just had a landing page up.  That landing page had been successful in registering hundreds of people for HiFi’s email updates, however, as development is starting to wrap up, we thought it was essential to give this great product a top tier design.  So, we turned to our company friend and stellar designer Lenny Terenzi.

There’s something even something cooler about the new site than the design.  It’s running on HiFi!

That's right.  We’re excited to announce that is the first site running on the HiFi Content Management System

Lenny handed the PSD files over to our team of web developers and we executed it pixel for pixel on the HiFi system.  It was a great experience and proved that our vision for HiFi is coming to fruition: a powerful CMS that can handle any design or interactivity.

This also marks a turning point where we’re going to focus a lot more on blogging on the HiFi site.  Using the blog, we’re going to walk step by step through the decisions we’ve made when building HiFi (Minification and YSlow to be covered next week), designing the new HiFi site, coding onto HiFi, and marketing this new product. 

We invite you to stay tuned by subscribing to the HiFi Blog, registering for email alerts above, following GetHiFi on Twitter, and becoming a fan on our lonely Facebook page.  We’ve received amazing support from the community thus far and we look forward to continuing to update you on the product and to the upcoming release of HiFi!

0 Comment(s) | Posted | by Joel Sutherland |


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