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An Introduction to the HiFi Blog

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Welcome to the HiFi blog. If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you signed up to be notified about the release of HiFi, stumbled on this site from the NMC Blog or are from the future and have dug through the blog archives. If you haven’t signed up to be notified of major news, please do so using the form in the sidebar.

Though we haven’t said much about it publicly yet, HiFi is a project that we’ve been thinking about and working on for some time at New Media Campaigns. Now that we are further along in development, we’ve started this blog to let others learn more about HiFi, the thought behind it, and to solicit feedback and generate ideas from potential users.

We’ll touch on a number of topics, ranging in technical depth. Our goal is to share all aspects of the project, from code to marketing, as well as answer any questions that might exist about HiFi itself. We’ve tried to do the same thing with our company’s blog and have found it both fun and rewarding. Hopefully this strategy will be even more interesting for an actual product.

To follow the development and launch as it happens, we encourage you to subscribe to the HiFi blog.

Our Current Subscribers

We launched our current landing page to very little fanfare just three months ago. To promote it we’ve built a couple of tools (Regex Tool, Sitemap Creator) and put a button in the sidebar of the NMC Blog.

The result of these efforts have been astonishing to us. While the landing page has earned just 3,800 unique views, it has yielded over 650 signups (a greater than 15% conversion rate!). Our little vision/manifesto seems to resonate well with other designers and developers.

We’re hoping that the excitement continues as we share more about our progress on HiFi. We also can’t wait to start getting thoughts and feedback from the community.

What to Expect Next

Over the last year we have built a great technical base for HiFi as well as made good progress on its interface. We’ll be posting to the blog regularly to both highlight what we’ve done as well as release new developments. Some of the first things we’ll want to share are:

  • Details about the innovative data layer
  • A first look at the HiFi Admin Interface
  • Information about plugins, types and extensibility
  • Various private and public alpha and beta releases

Today, this blog is already running on a pre-alpha version of HiFi.  We’re aware that this current design is a little crusty, but we’ve started working with a wonderful designer and have a much better looking and more informative site on the way!

So stay tuned by subscribing to the blog. Also, if you know other developers, designers, marketers, or others who would be interested in this project, we’d really appreciate if you share this site with them via email, Twitter, Facebook, or anything else. There are exciting things to come!

1 Comment(s) | Posted | by Joel Sutherland |


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    Nick, Glad you hear you are excited! We are too. We'll be releasing a lot more information soon so stay tuned.