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HiFi Launches a Flickr Account with Preview Screens

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GetHiFi Flickr Account

Development on HiFi has been accelerating rapidly.  Nearly all of the groundwork is final and most of the work is now oriented on its interface.  Some of the interesting decisions that have been made recently are:

  1. The Admin interface is built using Javascript templating. This has a couple benefits -- the most exciting of which is how much easier it will be to build custom admin interfaces for custom types.
  2. All Core Types Are in Place. This means that we'll be ready to add any current NMC sites to HiFi shortly. The core types are: Page, Blog/Listing, Form, Gallery, Link, Category and Folder.  Already these types are proving to be really flexible.
  3. Comment Moderation is Done. Getting this right can be tough.  Now we have an easy-to-use Comment Moderation panel we can install on any page.

There are of course many more exciting things going on that we'll be sure to write about.  In the meantime we are sure to update both twitter and our new Flickr page with news about our progress.

So for up-to-the-minute updates, be sure to follow @gethifi on twitter and check out our Flickr account.

0 Comment(s) | Posted | by Joel Sutherland |


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