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Private Beta is Rolling, Mentions Everywhere

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This post is an update on the HiFi private beta.  We've invited 37 to the program so far, and have received some great feedback.  We are going to continue rolling these out to those that apply in the sidebar on the right.

In addition to the 37 in beta, there are another 63 in production for a grand total of 100 HiFi sites already.  So far we've been incredibly pleased by its performance and with the comments we are receiving from designers, developers and content editors alike.  Thanks to everyone that has been helping out!


Some other exciting news that has come this week has been in the form of mentions and recognition from some really cool sites.  HiFi has all kinds of neat technology built in and we're getting noticed for it.  In fact, we were mentioned by Microsoft and Mozilla this week.  An odd pairing, but we'll take it.  Here are those mentions:


HiFi theme editor is based on Skywriter: 01 via

Microsoft: jQuery Templating in the Wild

These bits are pretty fresh so there are only a few examples of websites using them.  One early adopter is hiFi, a website publishing engine.  They take performance seriously which is why they chose to use jQuery Templating engine to render their comments to the client. The team at hiFi have also written up a really nice post on the subject of jQuery Templates.

Additionally, we were recognized by Design Shack once again, this time as a top alternative to Wordpress:

Design Shack: 50 CMS Alternatives to Wordpress

Is WordPress a CMS? Many developers say “no” while countless others continue to use WordPress as a content management system regardless of its definition or intended use as a blogging platform.

Regardless of which camp you fall into, you should know that there are a lot of robust and powerful alternative CMS options that have been built from the ground up to help you manage the content on your site. Below you’ll find 50 content management systems perfect for designers, end users, churches, media sites and more!

0 Comment(s) | Posted | by Joel Sutherland | |


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