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Update: Relaunches - New Overview Screencast

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We've relaunched the HiFi site!  The previous version is on the left below, and the new version is on the right:

hifi relaunch

While the new version may be less intense and impressive, we feel that it will be a good foundation for the site as we move towards our product launch.  

The first site put a premium on design, which paid off in a couple of ways.  First, it led to HiFi getting reviewed on several Design and Development sites, which drove some great targeted traffic and quickly accumulated links for the new product.  Second, it showed the versatility of the system that we were able to faithfully reproduce such an intense design on HiFi and have it deliver great performance to visitors.

The new site is aimed at quickly giving visitors an idea of why HiFi is the CMS for them.  It more prominently features specific feature details above the fold and gives a first-time visitor much more information about the product than the old site.  The new design also highlights efforts to convert visitors to our Beta program (and eventually our pricing page), which is a nice step forward to make this site more product oriented.

Some of the cool pages to check out on the new site are the features page and examples page.  The features page gives a 10,000 foot view of what HiFi is all about and features our new product video.  The examples page shows just a few of the sites that are already in production on HiFi.  Flipping through those should show you that there truly are no design constraints on HiFi!

The HiFi Overview Video

We also now have a great overview video of the HiFi system.  It was put together by Alex Pomer, one of the project managers from New Media Campains.  Alex has been using HiFi every day for over six months and has really fallen in love.  Watching this video is a great introduction to the system as a whole:

Let us know your thoughts on the new site and content, and be sure to share it with your friends!  We've got some exciting stuff that has come out of the beta program that we should be sharing soon.  As always, shoot us an email if there are any questions!

2 Comment(s) | Posted | by Joel Sutherland | |


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    C. M.
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    I'm curious if HiFi can be used as a membership website? Aside from a brief glimpse in the User panel that showed "Member" as an option, I'm wondering if you can share more about that feature, if it exists?

    I tried to find a membership type website among the samples shown but didn't have time to go through them all.

    I'm specifically looking for a membership type site that would allow members to interact with and generate content as well as interact with each other.

    Does HiFi offer a paid membership aspect feature or will that be a feature added later on.
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    It can be used as a membership website. You can assign different access levels to areas of your site. So for example, you could set a "Members Only" section to require "Member" or better access to see it.

    That would mean that any members that are logged in could see content, leave comments, respond to forms in that section.

    Out of the box, HiFi does not deal with payments for it's membership section. Members can be created through the HiFi API, so conceivably it could be integrated with a 3rd party system.