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We Are Featured on Design Shack Gallery

2 Comment(s) | Posted | by Clay Schossow | |

This site was just featured on Design Shack, a gallery of the best designs around the web.  Currently, we're holding down a solid 8.5 rating based on user votes -- we encourage you all to go check out the listing and rate our design.

This listing is yet another testament to the flexibility of HiFi CMS.  It demonstrates that a design can be detailed and perfected enough to be listed in respected galleries, and still be managed by a powerful CMS.  So many systems restrict what you can do with the templating that you could never launch something worthy of being featured on a popular showcase.  We took the opposite approach, allowing free templating and pushing web standards, which makes it easy designers to publish work that can be highlighted on design, HTML, and CSS galleries around the web.

If you're visiting from Design Shack -- welcome!  Take a tour around the site, learn about the system, and be sure to sign up for updates and announcments.

Thanks again for all of your support!  Also, a big shout out to Lenny Terenzi who put together the HiFi design!

2 Comment(s) | Posted | by Clay Schossow | |


  1. Lenny Terenzi's avatar
    Lenny Terenzi
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    Way to go team!
  2. Hawaii Web Design's avatar
    Hawaii Web Design
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    Congratulations! I like the clean layout with subtle use of drop shadows throughout. Some people go a little too crazy with that. Nice.