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The HiFi Snippet Library Has Launched

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HiFi Snippets

This morning we're making it official the HiFi Snippet Library has launched.

A great thing about working with HiFi is that you can use the web technologies you know (HTML/CSS/JS) with no restrictions. Many systems say this, we actually mean it. This means that it is extremely easy to build reusable snippets that can save you all kinds of time when building your client sites.

If none of this makes sense to you, hopefully we can answer your questions here.  If you have any others, let us know in the comments.

What is a snippet?

A snippet is a combination of HTML, CSS and JS that you can drop into your sites' templates to quickly implement a feature. Since it is based in just HTML/CSS/JS, it is easy to customize or change them.

Why is this cool?

Snippets let you quickly add functionality to your sites without forcing you to use particular HTML. Design and code the sites the way you want, and then hook up the functionality with snippets.

How much do they cost?

The snippets are completely free.  Most can even be used on non-HiFi sites!

Where are they coming from?

The HiFi snippets are being written both by the HiFi team as they build sites, and by customers using HiFi. If you have a snippet you would like to see, or a snippet you want to contribute to the library, get in contact.

How often will they be released?

We have committed to release at least one snippet a week, but through community contributions, the number may be even higher! Whenever we release a snippet, we will be posting it to the HiFi blog. So be sure to subscribe to the blog to get updated on the newest snippets.

Your snippets are stupid. Why don't you have an XYZ snippet?

We like your attitude. Shoot us a message and we'll make sure it gets added!

HiFi on Forrst

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We've been working away, readying our next major release that will provide better support for agencies and those managing multiple sites.  While this has been in the works, our team discovered Forrst.


It has turned out to be a great community of people interested in web design/development as a whole, not just some part of it.  We've been putting up some of our ideas and feature screenshots and have been getting some great feedback:

We've also had some good conversations about web technologies that we care about:

If you're on Forrst and want to follow the some of the HiFi team, here are our accounts:

If you're not on Forrst and interested in an invite...we've got a couple, so let us know who you are in the comments.

Accepting Applications for Private Beta

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The long awaited day is here.  After a year of building, testing, and refining, HiFi is entering a private beta.  While we have put more than twenty of our own client sites on the system, we have not previously opened it up to outside developers.  We learned a lot from our own clients and how they used the system -- after making tweaks based on their feedback and resolving bugs they ran into, we're ready to open the system up to the rest of the world.

While we had originally hoped to enter this phase earlier in the year, we didn't want to rush the product and release something that wasn't fully ready to be used.  To us, a complete and polished system is the minimum viable product that you would expect from a CMS.

Fill out an application here to join the beta.  We're screening applications to make sure we get a wide breadth of users and projects, and to make sure HiFi is the best fit for what you're working on.  We'll begin rolling out beta accounts to selected users at the end of the week!

Beta accounts will be free to selected applicants.  Beta users will have access to the standard HiFi  setup, including unlimited access to the CMS, full use of the API and templates, and hosting of the site on HiFi's dedicated server (includes daily offsite backup, RAID, 24x7 uptime monitoring by pingdom, and more).

We really think that HiFi is a phenomenal product, representing a new type of CMS for developers.  Here is just a short list of some of the features ready for you to take advantage of:

We'll be posting more on each of these features in the coming weeks.  We've been having great success using them for our own clients, but are excited to hear feedback from the beta group.

We want to thank everyone for their patience while we've been building a system that we know will be a welcome addition to the web publishing space.  Your support and dialogue has been extremely helpful in pushing this project to beta.
Now, go sign up, get a free account, and enjoy!