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Good for you. Good for your clients.

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The Ultimate in Creative Flexibility

HiFi allows designers, developers and agencies to execute their creative vision faster and more accurately than ever before. It places no constraints on site design and allows any markup, stylesheet or scripts. This means you can use web technologies like HTML5 the day they are ready. With HiFi you can design strictly for your client, not for a CMS.

You can setup as many or as few templates as you like to create sites of any complexity. The template extension system lets you define templates with a minimal amount of code -- why should you redefine a gallery from scratch when you know it is the same as a page with images at the end? This type of helpful flexibility will allow you to create more complex sites, faster and with fewer headaches than ever before.

UI your clients will thank you for.

Just as your clients deserve a beautful site, they also deserve a site they can control. HiFi presents an elegantly simple and powerful control panel that anyone can quickly learn. The interface allows users to easily navigate around the CMS and gives them the power to confidently manage their site.

This control is the promise of a Content Management System and HiFi won't let you down. The system is configured using a number of simple types like 'page', 'gallery', and 'form' organized into a comprehensive site tree. You can add, edit and rearrange content easily without needing any web development experience. HiFi empowers all levels of users to leverage their site as the marketing platform it was designed to be.

The easiest, most flexible templating system you've ever used.

Minimal Learning Curve

Templating in HiFi couldn't be easier. The system is incredibly organized so there aren't specialized functions to memorize like get_the_author_link(). Instead all data is made available through a single API so you can feel really comfortable, really quickly.

Powerful Template Language

HiFi templates are based on a modern templating language called Twig. Modern features like extendable templates and type inheritance allows you to build more complex sites in fewer lines of markup.

Template-Level API Access

You can access all of your site's data through a simple hifi.get() call in the templates so there are no limits on what HiFi will let you create. Pull any content from your site into any template and use the markup you wish. It couldn't be easier.

Be up and running instantly.

Immediate Bang-for-your-Buck

HiFi gives you more immediate bang-for-your-buck in that you don't need to purchase, install, and configure a bunch of third-party plugins to get the same user experience as HiFi provides out of the box.

Secure and Backed Up

HiFi is hosted with The Planet, the world's largest privately-owned dedicated hosting provider and is backed up nightly to a different geographic location via HiFi data hosts are fully SAS 70 certified.

Scalable Performance

From front-end performance techniques, to server-side caching, to using the world's most efficient web server technology, HiFi is efficient and ready to scale with your sites.

Edit Anywhere

Within seconds, your HiFi site will be ready to edit from anywhere in the world. HiFi has the best in-browser theme editor on the market making quick changes painless.