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HiFi offers the complete flexibility to designers and developers. The design to production process is made easy and rapid through HiFi’s simple templating language. HiFi gives you the power to create custom sites designed for your clients not for some system’s constraints.

Markup and Stylesheet Agnostic

In addition to having no design requirements, there are no constraints on the type of markup, stylesheets, or scripts you use with your HiFi site. HiFi automatically optimizes your sites behind the scenes, but the rest is left up to you. This flexibility allows you to always be on the leading edge of using new web technologies like HTML5 and CSS3. HiFi gives you the ability to design and code to your strengths and your clients’ needs.

Baseline Themes Included

When building your first site on HiFi, you don’t have to start from scratch. Each new account includes baseline themes which you can use as a base for your customized code or design. The themes even further reduce the learning curve of the templating language, as each theme was designed to demonstrate how to use different features of the templating language.

Simply Powerful Templating System

HiFi’s easy templating system is the heart of its design flexibility. You can quickly adapt your CSS and HTML to HiFi’s templating to have your site up and running on the system. The templating system is extremely organized, allowing you to quickly get the data you need without memorizing hyper specialized functions.

The template extension system allows you to rapidly develop complex sites with less code. There’s no need to define a gallery type from scratch when it is really just a page with images at the bottom -- it’s this philosophy that allows you to use minimal code to get custom designs launched on the HiFi system.