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HiFi is a fully hosted solution, allowing you to focus on designing and developing a website, while we handle the site performance and hosting. Our server infrastructure prioritizes performance, scaling, and security, allowing you to rest easy knowing your sites are in good hands. With HiFi, you get premium hosting and performance at an affordable price.

Optimized for Speed and Scale

We have configured our server specifically to serve the needs of HiFi and have also built-in extra performance features to ensure your site is performing with the top eschelon of sites on the web.

HiFi leverages NGINX to quickly deliver content from a site’s database to the frontend of a site. Furthermore, the system includes automatic CSS and JavaScript minimization, GZip compression, automatic image resizing, and more. These features allow you to have the peace of mind that any site built on HiFi will perform extremely well. Don’t just take our word for it, test any of HiFi site on YSlow or GTmetrix. You’ll see how well they do out of the box before you take any extra steps for performance.

In addition to these baked-in features helping your site perform quickly and reliably, they also help the site responsibly scale as content is added and traffic increases. From hosting assets on a different subdomain to intra-page caching, HiFi is well prepared to handle the load of traffic that will be sent to your site.

The HiFi server was configured from the ground up to ensure your web projects would perform remarkably well and would not slow down with time or traffic. To experience this speed and preformance first hand, all you have to do is sign up to create an account, then start working and experience the difference with HiFi.

"HiFi takes security and maintenance very seriously.

We understand there’s nothing more important than having a reliable server with backup and around-the-clock support."

Secure and Monitored 24/7

HiFi maintains its servers with The Planet, the world’s largest privately-owned dedicated hosting provider. Additionally, we use to back up the server daily to a different geographic location. The backup ensures that there is always a recent version of your site on file should you need to recover it at any point.

HiFi also contracts with third party services to monitor the server 24/7. From alerts if anything out of the norm is happening with the server to handling the regular maintenance required to keep a server in top shape, our maintenance team ensures that our infrastructure is always performing well and serving your needs.

These precautions are all “worse case scenario” prevention tactics and are important to any server configuration. However, it’s also important to note that our team has a track record of success in hosting and securing sites for organizations across the world.

HiFi ensures you don’t have to spend time worrying about your hosting infrastructure, allowing you to focus your energy on building and leveraging your site while having the peace of mind that it’s backed up and secure. All at an affordable price.