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People who are doing their part by constantly creating quality content should be rewarded with good SEO baked into their system rather than having to separately worry about it. Likewise, editors with SEO experience should have the ability to easily control advanced on-page tactics.

SEO-Friendly Controls

You don’t even need to know what SEO stands for to take advantage of it with HiFi. Even with no action other than creating content, HiFi ensures your site to be very search engine friendly.

URLs generated for pages throughout your site are automatically search engine optimized as they simply take the Title of your page and apply it to the URL. Similarly, the browser title for any page will also automatically apply that page’s title.

Users who desire more control than just the default will be happy to know that each of these elements along with other meta descriptions and more are fully editable in the CMS if you want to further optimize URLs or page titles.

Under the Hood

In addition to the SEO features outlined above, there’s plenty going on behind the scenes to also make sure your site performs well in search engine rankings. Google now incorporates a site’s load time into its ranking algorithm, putting sites on HiFi at a distinct advantage due to its optimized setup for speed and performance.

The Basics are Already Covered


A dynamic XML Sitemap is created with each site, allowing Google to easily spider and index your site. The sitemap is also smart about applying relative weights to your content based on its location in your site tree.


HiFi has a simple interface to apply 301 Redirects and automatically implements a 301 when you change a page’s URL. This ensures Google can easily find your most recent content and applies the search engine credit it deserves.


HiFi gives you the control necessary to easily manage an advanced SEO campaign, while also ensuring that less experienced users are automatically benefiting from smart and manageable SEO.