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A Content Management System that is cumbersome and confusing to an end-user defeats the purpose of even using such a platform: being able to quickly and easily edit and create content. HiFi’s interface makes it convenient and fun to take control of a website’s content, instilling confidence in every level of web user.

Zero Learning Curve

No matter how experienced the user, HiFi makes controlling your website easy. Here are just a few examples of how HiFi eliminates any learning curve for users:

  • WYSIWYG Editors
  • Plain language controls
  • Drag and drop
  • Copy and paste from Word
  • Common keyboard shortcuts
  • Easy multimedia uploading
  • integration
  • Built-in tutorials

With these tools and more, HiFi hides any complexity associated with managing a website, while exposing the power of web publishing.

Easily Extensible

All of the built in page types can be easily extended to support custom fields as well. When creating custom fields, you choose both what kind of field you want to add (text field, dropdown, file picker, link, etc.) as well as where in the site tree you want the field to appear (i.e. only pages under/ portfolio).

The use of custom fields makes it possible to easily extend the functionality of HiFi to fit the needs of individual sites. Using custom fields also ensures that an end-user avoids complex or confusing pages by only confronting the fields they need to view in order to accomplish the page's task.

Thoughtful Layout

HiFi puts the most relevant content and commands right at a user’s finger tips. When first logging into the system, you’re presented with a full site tree and dashboard, allowing you to easily navigate to different areas of the backend, read recent blog comments, see form submissions, and create different types of content. This type of thoughtful and useful design is prevalent throughout the entire editing experience.

Different types of content have different purposes, but that shouldn’t make it more difficult to create one type than another. When creating a form in HiFi, an emphasis is placed on adding fields and setting submission notifications. With a blog, you’re pushed to optimize the content for search engines and to classify it into categories. Depending on the type of content you’re editing, HiFi presents you with the most pertinent controls.