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Why HiFi?

A website has specific purposes and goals. A website starts as a design; the design is transformed into HTML, CSS and Javascript code; the code is placed onto a content management system (CMS); and the CMS is delivered to the client. At the end of this process, does the final product match your original vision?

Here are five ways HiFi supports and improves your website's vision.

1. Elegantly Powerful User Interface

If your clients require your assistance to make changes to their website, your CMS has failed.  HiFi's interface was designed to be flexible enough for both designers and developers to set up, and simple enough for non-savvy users to understand.

2. The World's Best Templating System

HiFi was built by a team that has collectively coded and launched nearly 500 websites. That expertise has gone into building a world-class templating system that allows for complete design and markup independence while at the same time being as simple and terse as possible. With HiFi, you don't repeat yourself and it takes fewer and fewer lines of markup to make sites.

3. Up-and-Running Instantly

Set up a website instantly and never worry about hosting, server administration, backup or software updates.  With HiFi you can just worry about the fun and interesting parts of web development and marketing.

4. The Most Powerful Hosted CMS

Every HiFi site is pre-equipped with an industry leading REST API that has built-in security and permissions.  You can access, add and edit all of your site's content through the API from the templates or through a simple, jQuery-like javascript library.  The HiFi API is simple and powerful, making it easier than ever to develop complex ideas quickly.

5. The Details Have Been Taken Care Of

The HiFi team has leaned on its years of web-development experience to make sure that HiFi doesn't leave out any details. There are hundreds of small touches that make the process of building a website easier and the end result better.  Here are just a few: